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Boat launch improvements advanceher latest blog align='left' /> Schoenwiesner said. Also under construction is a 24-by-36-foot picnic pavilion that consists of a roofed concrete pad and an adjoining masonry block restroom building. The slab, masonry block walls, roof pillars and wooden roof sections are in place. He said remaining construction work includes the top layer of the roof and installation of doors, plumbing and electrical fixtures. A second 40-by-60-foot open picnic pavilion is also under construction. That will consist of a roofed concrete pad equipped with retractable wind screens, and an adjoining masonry block building with restrooms and a food preparation area. The slab, masonry block walls and roof pillars are in place, and the remaining construction includes the entire roof, as well as doors, screens, food preparation equipment, plumbing and electrical fixtures. The pavilions are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020, with the remainder of the project wrapping up in May or June of 2021. The project has been several years in the making. A meeting had been held in Massena in July 2016 to solicit suggestions for the work.

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